• June online trade show

    Petellow Online Trade Show June 22-26

    CIPS ONLINE TRADE SHOW- ZHEJIANG-EUROPE SESSION Live time: 15:30 During June 22-June 26, 2020. step1: Open the website of https://online.cipscom.com/live step2: Register a visitor ID (Required) step3: Find our company of NINGBO KEMAI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD

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  • Electric-Interactive-Cat-Toy-Teaser-360°-Rolling-Ball-Tumbler-fish

    Why Cat Toys With Feathers Are Important?

    Especially with cats, it’s important to keep them entertained. If your cat seems a little low on energy, you should consider investing in cat toys with feathers to keep them entertained.

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  • automatic rotating laser cat toy

    Why to Buy Automatic Cat Toys for Indoor Cats?

    Cat toys with batteries can be programmed to automatically turn on at intervals, even if no one is around, they can interact with the cat, and bring the happy playtime.

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  • Dog Chewing Rope Toys

    Are Dog Rope Toys Good for Dogs?

    Your dog has some chewing needs, and dog rope toys are the toys they will love to chew. So, yes, they can be helpful to fulfill their chewing needs on dog rope toys instead of your home furniture, shoes or other items.

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  • Pineapple-shaped-dog-toys-with-treats

    How to Choose Dog Toys With Treats For Your Dogs?

    There are a variety of dog toys available for your pets, it is better to pick the proper toy for dogs at different stages of behavior. Many trainers recommended that dog toys should be as easy as possible at the beginning.

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  • tough chew dog toys

    Why Does Your Dog Need Tough Chew Dog Toys?

    Exercise is the primary reason why many dog owners buy toys for their pets. It is important to know that exercise is a crucial part of having a healthy dog, because without adequate exercise a dog can become obese…

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  • The Best Intelligent Cat Toy To Keep Your Kitty Entertained!

    There is an abundance of cat toys available in the market today. With so many options, you may find it difficult choosing the right one for your furry friend. Some of the most common types of cat toys include…

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  • How to Choose Safe Cat Toys?

    As all cats parents know that cats are inborn hunters.  They like hunting, chasing, catching and chewing.  This is one of the most important reasons that cat parents would like to prepare some different toys for them.

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  • The Squeaky Dog Toys for Your Dog’s Optimum Health

    How do you keep the dogs entertained? Taking them out for walks and hikes are great, but you need something to keep them entertained and healthy indoors as well. That’s where squeaky dog toys come into play.

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