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Football-Court Ball Cat Toy For Chasing

•Football-Court Ball Cat Toy for Chasing
•Colors:Color can be customized
•Size : Approx. 476mm*336mm*52.5mm
•Material : Plastic, Non-woven
•Safe, non-toxic, Hard

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Football-court ball cat toy is non-toxic, so it is healthy for ypur pets.

This cat toy designed with a football court as its prototype has a more novel and interesting appearance.

The above football connects the main body through a spring, and the cat can shake during the football period, thereby increasing the fun of the cat and increasing the fun.

There are two small balls inside the tunnel for cat chasing. When the cat touches with his paw, the small balls will roll around.

The theme part is made of fiber cloth for more comfort, and the cat can lie on it to rest.

Football-court series cat toy is a multifunctional cat toy, cats can play and rest in it, cats must love it.

Track and spring parts are easy to disassemble and assemble.

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