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Multiple Use Ball Track Cat Toy in Basketball Court Design

Multiple Use Ball Track Cat Toy in Basketball Court Design
•Item No: PTC-0057
•Colors: Color can be customized
•Size: Approx. 476mm*336mm*52.5mm
•Material: Plastic, Non-woven
•Features: Safe, non-toxic, Hard

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We have this multiple use ball track cat toy in basketball court design specially for basketball fans. Cats parents may be exciting to know that your kitten is also basketball fans once you stir the spring stuff basketball toy. The feline friends will be crazy about the swaying ball and try to catch it, jusk like super star would like to dunk violently.

As we know, the ball track cat toy is very popular all over the world. Different from most simplex ones, our basketball court design ball track cat toy can be detached and assembled in different shapes. We can laso make it in the themes such as soccer ball, American football, baseball toy or even any other custom style you prefer. We will match the stuff toy on the spring with the theme accordingly.  To sum up, we provide many alternatives for you to choose from.

What’s more? Turn over the court board, you will find the scratch board for the daily use of the cat. The rolling balls inside of the track are with bells, lights or cat nip optionally. When the cats need a nap, they can just lay on the court part and enjoy it. Now you know it is really a muitple use cat toy. Buy one and it gives you a lot of possibilities.

We make the ball tracks from ABS material which is eco-friendly and not easy-broken. The track is easy to be detached or assembled. This ball track cat toy is suitable for kitty or adults cats. And if you have a fatty and large cat, you can buy more pieces of the tracks. Make a large playground for your cat to play with. Generally speaking, our multiple use ball track cat toy is far more than the value. You and your loved cat will not regret to own one!



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