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Electric Laser Smart Cat Toy Rechargeable Cat Turntable

  • Electric Laser Smart Cat Toy Rechargeable Cat Turntable
  • Item No: PTC-0140
  • Size: 17.8*15.3*13.8 cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 0.253 KG
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1. Material:

The body of the cat toy uses safe ABS material. Non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly. So your cat can nibble, scratch and play with confidence. Safe material, protect the healthy growth of pets.

The product contains electronic components. To clean the surface of the product, use a dry cloth or wipes. Do not rinse directly with water.

Be careful to remove labels, cable ties, packaging, etc. from the surface of the cat toys before use. Avoid pets swallowing and harming pets.

2. Multi-functional Structure:

Pets also need company, and there will be times when they feel down. However, we often don’t have time to play with cats for various reasons. This new funny cat toy can solve this problem. A variety of functions to amuse cats, cats can also play happily without the owner’s company.

2.1 Various preset tracks

360° direction movement, free trajectory, no repetition. The trajectory of the bionic prey attracts cats to play. When encountering obstacles, it automatically retreats and adjusts the direction, so you are not afraid of losing it.

2.2 Laser funny cat

No cat can resist the temptation of a red spot. Randomly move the laser to attract cats to catch it.

2.3 spring funny cat ball

Two Swinging spring ball, rocking back and forth. Energize your cat and your cat will love to fiddle with it.

2.4 Swing funny cat stick

Simulate the owner shaking the cat stick. Stimulate the hunting instinct, so that the cat is no longer lonely. The funny cat stick can be replaced.

2.5 Bionic Birdsong

Simulate natural bird calls and attract your cat with sound.

3. Easy-to-use Design:

  • One-key switch, mode switching, easy to operate. One-key switch mute. Low-noise and silent operation, people’s pets are harmonious, and they do not disturb each other.
  • USB charging. Easy to charge, long battery life.
  • Intelligent power-of. The setting of regular power-off to prevent the cat from being injured by overwork. Power off regularly for ten minutes, and plan exercise time reasonably.
Weight 0.253 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 15.3 × 13.8 cm
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