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Corrugated Cat Scratcher Sleepy Cat

Corrugated Cat Scratcher Sleepy Cat
Item No: PTC-0083
Size: Side 42.5*22.5*13.5cm
Weight: Approx. 850g
Material: Paper

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Cats or kittens will love this cute designed corrugated cat scratcher.

1. Cats will enjoy a curved climbing surface. This tilt angle form enables cats well scratching.
2. Scratching on the corrugated cat scratcher is good for cats’ paws and claws, and relieves stress, increasing their overall wellness.
3. Made with corrugated cardboard, the cat scratched bed features a cute sleepy cat design that will fit right in with your home decoration.
4. Durable corrugated cardboard provides a safe and stimulating scratching surface for cats
5. Corrugated cat scratcher in light weight and soft surface can protect cats’ claws from hurt.

While it should be noted that the corrugated cardboard material is not waterproof, nor can it withstand heavy external pressure, so put it in a dry place and without obstacles around the corrugated cardboard cat scratcher.

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