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Cardboard Cat Scratcher Triangle House With Ball

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Triangle House With Ball
Item No: PTC-0084
Product Size: 55*35*24cm
Material: Paper
Weight: 1.8KG

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The cat enjoys cardboard cat scratcher triangle house with a bell ball for many reasons.

1. Scratching is a normal and essential part of feline life.
2. Cats use scratching to condition claws, and it’s also an effective way for cats to stretch their backs, shoulders and muscles.
3. Those claw marks left behind serve as a visual representation of your cat claiming her territory.
4. In an outdoor setting, claw marks let approaching cats know they’re entering an area where another cat is residing. This advanced warning system can reduce physical confrontations between your cat and a passerby.
5. Cat also uses cat scratchers to relieve stress and anxiety.

Since scratching is a vital party of kitty life, the cat scratcher needs to have an appealing texture, stable, and placed in a favorable location for your cat.

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