Durable Recyclable Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Durable Recyclable Cardboard Cat Scratcher
Item No: PTC-0059
Product Size: 44*21.5*8cm
Carton Size: 57.5*45.5*46cm

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Your feline friend enjoys durable recyclable cardboard cat scratcher for many reasons not related to destroying your home furnishings.
1. Scratching is a normal and essential part of feline life. Cats use scratching to condition claws, and it’s also an effective way for cats to stretch their backs, shoulders and muscles.
2. Your feline friend also uses cat scratchers to relieve stress and anxiety. Cat scratching posts and interactive cat toys are some of the best ways your kitty has to relieve stress and feel her best.
3. Since scratching is a vital party of kitty life, you’ll need to redirect your cat from scratching your furniture to a cat scratching post or to cat toys.
4. Cardboard material is recyclable, can be replaced when it was wore up.
5. The durable recyclable cardboard cat scratcher should be placed in a dry place, keeping it away from the water.
6. The cardboard material cannot withdraw too heavy extra pressure, placing it in an open area without any obstacles.

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