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Cat Grass Tray With Interactive Toy

Cat Grass Tray With Interactive Toy

Size :35.5*15.3*11.2cm

Weight :350 g

Color Box Size : 21.5*11.5*11.5 cm


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Cat Grass Tray With Interactive Toy

  1. Unique Design: Cat grass tray with tunnel shaped toy, for planting and playing, making the cat grow up more happily, and restoring their most natural eating state. In order to keep your cat interested, you need to change their toy Settings frequently, this kind of cat grass pot allows you to DIY for your cat, quickly and easily! For example, you can connect the cat grass tray to any cat toy, like soccer-court cat toy ball track.
  2. Multi-function:
  • Organic cat grass is very beneficial for indoor cats’ health. Cats spend most of their day grooming themselves, which can make them prone to hairballs. So eating organic cat grass can assist with a cat’s digestion and help with coughing up hair balls. It’s very convenient to get the organic cat grass kit including seeds, organic growing soil, and cat grass pot in the online store.
  • The cat grass pot are not only as tableware for indoor cats, but also as a greenery for your home. You can enjoy planting at the same time. Don’t worry, this cat grass is very survivable in the cat grass pot.
  • We suggest that you could cut some cat grass planting on cat grass tray and mix it with cat food to feed. In this way, cats can feel the nature environment at any time, and get rid of their picky eating habits.
  • It does not exclusively for your feline. You can also use the cat grass pot to grow other plants for feeding birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.
  • Planting grasses in the cat grass tray will be a fun, educational activity with your kids or students. Through labor of a few days of planting, they can learn the whole growth process of plants.
  1. About Us: Cats sleep about 16 hours of the day. So they need to exercise, when they are awake. Play can relieve anxiety, stress, and boredom. Indoor cats just receive their exercise from playing with toys instead of hunting. So indoor cat toys should promote cats’ natural foraging and hunting behaviors. With this in mind, we create this kind of cat grass, freely combined with cat toy ball track, to activate and stimulate your cat’s unique senses. Also, the cat grass pot matches many styles of home interiors.
  2. Notice:
  • The cat grass pot for indoor cats does not contain cat grass and seeds, which means you need buy them separately.
  • Please place the cat grass pot/tray in a spot low to the ground, so kitty knows where to eat.
  • Please put the cat grass pot/tray away from common household plants that are poisonous or irritating to cats.



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