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Soccer-Court Roller Circuit Cat Toy with Scratch Board

•Soccer-Court Series Roller Circuit Cat Toy with Scratch Board

•Item No: PTC-0033
•Colors: Color can be customized
•Size: Approx. 476mm*336mm*52.5mm
•Material: Plastic, Non-woven
•Safe, non-toxic, Hard

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Soccer-court roller circuit cat toy with scratch board is designed for cats and the parents. Why? First of all, the parents may be a soccer ball fans. When they watching the foodball games on TV, their baby cats can play with this circuit toy. Secondly, the circuit is detachable and the patrents can DIY it into different shapes, such as square, circle S, curve etc. Both the cats and parents can play this cat toy and have fun together.

Rolling balls inside the circuit are with sparkling LED lights and bells to stimulate cats’ curiosity and attract them coming to play with. Enough exercise is the key to keep fit. Cat is no exception.  While playing with the the circuit toy, cats will run, jump back and forth bringing them health mentally and physically.

Teaser spring with a stuff ball which can be placed at different position of the circuit will also make the cats crazy. Once the spring starts waving, hunting nature concealed in the cats will be revealed. They will stare at the shaking soccer ball at a angle, crouch, and jump to catch the ball. They will love to shake and play with this roller circuit cat toy again and again.

Soccer court is not the only design. We can change it to American football court, basketball court or customize the printing according to your requirement. The surface is soft and smooth. The cats can take a nap after play the cat toy a while.  Turning the soccer court up side down, you will find it is a high quality scratch board. Thank God! It will help keep claws of cats health and save your sofa from claw damage! You just need one soccer court roller circuit cat toy with scratch board to meet your multiple demands.




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