Multiple Function Scratching Posts and Rub Hair Portable Cat Toy

  • Multiple Function Scratching Posts Cat Toy
  • 100% Brand New,High Quality
  • Size: Approx. 60cm*40cm*35cm (1 inch= 2.54cm)
  • Weight: 1600g
  • Material: ABS
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Multiple Function Scratching Posts

  • Multiple Function Scratching Posts Cat Toy designed to remove loose fur and reduce shedding.
  • The cat toy is easy to disassemble and assemble,so it’s convenient for transportation and storage.
  • Multiple function scratching cat toys provides entertainment to Cats. Cats can use it to grind their claws, use their claws to roll small balls in the track, use the upper grinding board to rub their bodies, and the nearby feathers can also bring fun to cats.groom,scratch and play.
  • Tracks and balls can increase the cat’s interest in playing.
  • Multiple function scratching cat toy helps stop shedding & scratching to keep your home hair free and protect furniture.
  • The scaratching post of combination of green and brown colors gives people a fresh and lively feeling, which is more in line with the style of modern home and the preferences of young people.Color and function can be customized according to customers’ needs.

Product Description of Multiple Function Scratching Posts 

It includes two spinning balls, non-skid feet and scratch pad.  The scratch pad keeps cats entertained so they don’t chew or tear furniture. Replacement pads also available.

From the Manufacturer of Multiple Function Scratching Posts

It is designed to provide hours of fun for your furry companion. When cats have an appropriate outlet for their need to scratch, there is a smaller chance they will damage your upholstery and woodwork. The Turbo Scratcher a channel for a small ball your cat can nudge with its nose or shove with its paw. In the center of the Turbo Scratcher, the textured scratch pad is both durable and replaceable. The products designed to help you enjoy life with your pet.

The robbing board at the side designed to cater to the cat’s instinc of getting soomth and straight hair, which helps your cat to keep in a good mood and gentle temper.

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