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Intelligence Pet Toy Dispenser Interactive Dog Cat Toy

Intelligence Pet Toy Dispenser

  • 100% Brand New,High Quality
  • Size: Approx. diameter 12cm, high 13cm(1 inch= 2.54cm)
  • Weight: 225g
  • Material: ABS
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Intelligence Pet Toy Dispenser

Do your little buddies feel lonely at home? or take food to0 fast? or just don’t want to have food because they feel bored.

Dog and Cat Toy Food Dispenser will ease this problems.

Advantages of the food dispenser:

  1. Dogs tend to destroy something to relive their stress when they feel restricted, worried or longly. The food dispenser inspire their interests to play with it.
  2. No matter dogs or cats, some of them are not willing to move their bodies which may leads to obesity. The treatng toy will make them more active.
  3. Some of  us may worry that we don’t have enough time to interact with our little friends. let the treating toy help.


It can makes cats see,smell,and hear it. The most important thing is that your kitty need to figure out how to get food.This will arouse the cat’s interest and appetite and make them smarter. Bulid-inside slow food structure design,can effectively control the cat feeding speed to prevent indigestion,but also improve it’s function of playing! Pet Food Treating Dispenser is a bone-shaped toy which adapt to the dog’s mouth.

Intelligence Pet Toy Dispenser


Translucent cover display can diffuse food smells and attract our hungry cats.what’s more,it make leftovers easy to manage.
The tumbler foundation keeps this toy in the same place and weaves from side to side to stimulate our cat’s curiosity.
Tumbler or rod design, lots of fun for the cats. Good size and volume for putting snacks and food inside.
Easy to handle, just open the cap and put food inside, screw it and lock it, not easy to break out.
Small leaking outlet for snacks and food, keep your cat energetic, curious and clever.

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