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Cat Climbing Frame Tunnel With Sisal Scratching Board

  • Cat Climbing Frame Tunnel With Sisal Scratching Board
  • Item No: PTC-0118
  • Size: 40*30*50 cm
  • Material: Sisal, MDF
  • Weight: 2.5 KG
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1. Material:

The cat condo and the bottom plate use MDF, and with short plush surface. Fluffy plush, safe and chemical-free, let the cat tree enjoy the most comfortable and soft touch.

The cat scratching post is wrapped with sisal rope, natural sisal, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. It can not only satisfy the nature of cats, but also prevent the damage of furniture at home. Meanwhile, the stairs are partially covered with sisal fabric, forming a suitable scratching board.

2. Special Appearance Design:

This cat climbing frame has a special shape, the main body is similar to a mailbox, and it is matched with a sisal scratching board staircase. Recommended with catnip, toys or treats to entice your cat to play independently for long periods of time. As a pet furniture, it is suitable to be placed in any corner of the room. You can choose the color of the flannel for a better match.

3. Structure And Function:

3.1 Sturdy and stable structure:

The whole cat climbing frame forms a triangular structure, which is more stable. Cats can safely jump up and down. Enlarged and thickened base, sturdy column, strong bearing capacity, not easy to tilt and shake.

3.2 Multi- Functional:

Scratching posts provide cats with a healthy way to scratch instead of using furniture or rugs. The sisal surface helps remove debris and old nail layers and promotes healthy cat paws. At the same time, the right height helps your cat stretch his muscles.

In terms of details, this cat climbing frame is rounded processing and has no pointed tips. Prevent cats from accidentally hitting. Cat ladders keep cats safe while playing. Your cat can claws, climb and jump on it. Meanwhile, the bottom plate and cylindrical cat condo can provide your cat with a place to rest.

4. Easy To Assemble:

Fully equipped with accessories and installation tools. With detailed instructions, you can easily assemble this cat climbing frame. In just a few minutes, give your cat an exclusive entertainment space. In addition, this cat climbing frame takes up little space, but can accommodate multiple cats at the same time. This is a good option if your apartment space is small.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 50 cm
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