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Clover-shaped Comfortable Cat Tree For Multiple Cats

•Clover-shaped Comfortable Cat Tree
•Item No: PTC-0055
•Colors: Yellow, Green
•Size: Approx. 640mm*618mm*890mm
•Weight: Approx. 6000g
•Material: Sisal, Pine, Flax
•Quality: Safe, non-toxic, Hard

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Clover-shaped comfortable cat tree is a cat climbing frame designs with clover as the prototype, with simple and beautiful shape.

It’s made of sisal, pine and cotton. It’s strong and comfortable. So cats will be very comfortable on it.

The cat tree can be used by four cats at the same time, with strong bearing capacity.

Its pillar part is made of sisal, which is convenient for cats to grind their claws.

Clover-shaped comfortable cat tree can use to sharpen claws and rest.

Cats can also stand on it and watch the distance. It can use for many things.

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