UFO-Shape Spring Leakage Toy For Exercising And Fun

•UFO-Shape Spring Leakage Toy
•Colors:Color can be customized
•Size : Approx. 161mm*161mm*184mm
•Weight: Approx. 500g
•Material :ABS
•Safe, non-toxic, Hard

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UFO-shape spring leakage toy is a pet food leakage device, so it is suitable for cats and dogs.

Its design comes from UFO spacecraft, with unique and novel shape.

UFO-shape spring leakage toy has two uses.

The first way is to install it on the spring. Pets touch the disk above with their paws. Food will spill out from different outlets through shaking then pets will get snacks reward.

The second method is to remove the disc from the spring and use it as a Frisbee, which can use for outdoor activities of dogs.

The disk above the product connects  with the spring by a magnet.

There are four suction cups at the bottom of the product, so the product can be firmly sucked on the ground to prevent the pet from falling down.

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