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Custom Cat Tree Scratching Post Tower With Tent

•Custom Cat Tree Scratching Post Tower With Tent
•Item No: PTC-0053
•Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue
•Size: Approx. 450mm*450mm*610mm
•Weight: Approx. 1650g
•Material: Sisal, Pine Wood, Canvas

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Our custom cat tree scratching post tower with tent is basically a 2 layer cat tree. The function, structure and material are almost the same as the normal cat tree on the market. Well, we have add a tent to it. Imaging your cat sit down the tent, just like on vacation by the beach side.

It is a beatiful scenes described above. Well, the most important thing is your cat will like the cat tree with tent because of their natural instincts. As we know, cats need sense of security. According to your own experience in daily life, cats like to drill in caves, cartons, paperbags or some other narrow space to hide themselves. They may stay there for a long time and even sleep inside because they feel comfortable and safe. So, the tent will be a loved by them.The tent is made from fine fabric. We can custom the color and pattern of this cat tree and tent for you.

On the 2nd layer, there will be a cushion for cat to sleep or lie down. Every cat parents know cats prefer to stay at a higer position to declare their domain. We use velcro to fix the cushion on the wooden board. The parents can take the cushion off easily for cleaning or replacement. When we design this custom cat tree scratching post tower with tent, our philosophy is to make it attractive, original and easy to use.

There are 2 * 15 mm pine wood, 4 sisal columns and 1 polyster tent. We only use safe materials to produce items for our feline friends and. And we care about the safety of them.  Our original design of custom cat tree scratching post tower with tent is not a large one but it has nearly all the necessary components for a nice cat tree and it offers more than that!




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