Space Capsule Clear Acrylic Cat Bed With Tripod and Yarn Balls

•Space Capsule Clear Acrylic Cat Bed With Tripod and Yarn Balls
•Item No: PTC-0052
•Colors: Yellow, Green
•Size: Approx. 524mm*524mm*750mm
•Material: Pine, Acrylic
•Safe, non-toxic, Hard

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Space Capsule Clear Acrylic Cat Bed With Tripod and Yarn Balls is made from high quality wood, transparent acrylic dome bed with luxury fur cushion and cheering yard balls prefered by cats. We would like to make your cat elegant and honorable when they lie down inside.

Are you still tired of assemble cat trees with screw or wrech? Is it difficult to choose a cat bed among the normal flat fabric ones? Are you looking for unique, creative and attractive cat bed to put on your floor? This easy-assemble acrylic cat bed will be your first choice. Assemble or disasseble it easily without a wrech. It saves the space when you want to put it into car trunk or store it for future use.  You can follow your own style to change the cushion to different colors, patterns or fabrics, fur for luxury looking, red colr for Christmas, monstera for instagram etc.

Cats are enthusiasm to yarn balls. They will strech their legs to the yard balls whenever they found some ones. We put some yard balls as toys to entertain them. They can play with the balls while lie down on the bed or just staring at the balls thinking about future. What a wonderful life! Matching the yarn ball colors to the cushion style will not be a difficult thing at all.

Mordern style tripod design will make this cat bed special and standing firmly on the floor. Anti-slip rubber feet make this cozy cat bed suitable for floor made from marble, wood, ceramic tile etc.

Health and environment are always our first concern when we design new products. This space capsule clear acrylic cat bed is eco-friendly. We do not use any coating or painting to the wooden legs. It is without any strange odour. It is safe to both human beings and cats.

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